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New Arrivals



Midwest Aquarium Services has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their knowledgeable staff has been extremely helpful throughout the process of setting up and maintaining my aquarium and always answer questions however dumb they may be.

If you’re a beginner or an expert in saltwater aquariums I highly recommend this store.


I don’t care what anyone says. New to the hobby or 10 + years in the experience. They treat you with the same excitement as if it were there own tank. Is that not what you are looking for in a local saltwater fish store? If you are a new hobbyist I would point you in this direction. If you are an old hobbyist in the area you already know I’m right.


Absolute friendly staff and have helped me with everything i need or wanted for my tank. They know a ton about different fish and corals and what to do’s about any problems in the tank or setting one up. They are my go to store now and will be for a long time coming! You need a fish, light or anything else they will even order them and have them in stock! Thanks Midwest!


First time stopping in. I live almost 2 hrs from here and I will definitely be coming back tanks are beautiful along with the fish owner and all the staff very great people. No comparison from a corporate store to a small business you get quality and great service....thank you
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